420 Bulkhead Steerer - 11 Tooth Sprocket - Tapered Shaft (Less Brake)

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Designed for boats with built-in pedestal consoles, Edson’s new Bulkhead Steerer features easy installation, Edson’s super-sensitive Stainless Needle Bearings, a Thru-Shaft Wheel Brake, all-stainless construction and the ability to mount a Wheel Flange Adapter.

Edson's 420 Bulkhead Steerer #421-2-11T Key Features:

  • 11 tooth sprocket for size for 5/8" chain links
  • Easily Installed.
  • Non-Magnetic Materials.
  • Stainless Wheel Shaft.
  • Type 316L Stainless Housing, Faceplate and Sprocket.
  • Large Selection of Chain and Sprocket Sizes available.
  • Optional Wheel Flange available.
  • Pre-installed Threaded Studs for easy installation.
  • Metric Mounting Studs upon request.
  • Stainless Backing Plate Included.
  • Accepts all Edson Wheels.
  • Ideal for multi-hulls and twin wheel configurations.
  • Bulkhead Gasket Included
  • CEÌ¢‰âÂè Compliant.

Shown with optional wheel and thru-shaft brake.