48-inch Double Black Diamond Wheel - ComfortGrip Leather Covered Rim

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Edson’s “Diamond Series” line of lightweight aluminum racing wheels have been a fixture on performance boats and racer/cruisers for over 15 years. Now Edson has added a new style to the series called the “Double Black Diamond”, featuring an all new 3x2 six spoke configuration.

The wheel is built using the same airfoil-shaped aluminum spokes as the original Diamond Series wheels, but features a redesigned spoke arrangement to make it lighter and more elegant. Since the Double Black Diamond Wheel is constructed entirely of aluminum, it is far lighter than stainless wheels of similar size at a fraction of the cost of a carbon wheel. The wheel is black powder-coated and comes with Edson’s Gray ComfortGrip™ Leather Wheel Rim Cover for a secure grip in all conditions.


*REQUIRED* - Edson Wheel Flange Adapter #698FL

Edson's #642BD-48CG-GRAY Diamond Series Wheel Key Features:

  • 48" (121.9cm) Diameter Wheel
  • Lightweight
  • 3x2 (6) Airfoil-shaped spokes for rigidity
  • Pre-covered Gray Orthopedic Grade Leather Rim Cover with ComfortGrip Padding
  • Ideal for the Racer/Cruiser
  • Finished with Black Powder-Coat
  • Fits Edson's Custom Flange Steerers
  • Flange Adapter needed for Straight or Tapered Wheel Shafts