Performance Pedestal - 11 Tooth Sprocket - Tapered Shaft (with Brake)

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Edson's Performance Pedestal is designed and built from a perspective of weight-savings, simplicity, and reliability. It is a perfect match for an offshore racing yacht, or can fit well on a coastal cruiser.

Available at different angles, including vertical, and can be built to match any single or dual helm configuration. Edson’s 436-211T Performance Pedestal is compatible with chain and wire steering systems and features a through-shaft brake. The top is easily removable for quick inspections and simple maintenance. 

Edson's Performance Pedestal #436-211T comes complete with:

  • Tapered 1" wheel shaft with 1/4" key for wheels with Tapered hubs
  • Removable top for inspections and maintenance
  • 11 tooth Chain sprocket for size for 5/8" chain links
  • Thru-shaft brake
  • Available at different angles

Shown with optional wheel.