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Ultra-Light Racing System (ULRS)

Designed and built in cooperation with the most respected performance yacht builders in the world, the Ultra-Light Racing System is an extremely lightweight and strong steering system for the modern racing yacht.  Edson’s engineers have optimized the design of the Radial Drive, Steering Wheel, Steering Drum and Line System to achieve a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio.  Race-proven in numerous ILC, IMS,IRM and One-Design Winners, the Edson ULRS’s combination of Large-Diameter Steerer, Ultra-Light or Carbon Wheels and Lightweight Radial Drive makes it the lightest, strongest, FASTEST steering system available today. 

  • Total system weighs as light as 28 Pounds including the wheel!
  • Utilizes 5/16 Vectron® Line for Strength, Weight Savings and Low Stretch.
  • Large Diameter Hollow Drum Hub & Shaft for Load Distribution and Weight Savings.
  • Engineered Wheel Spoke Patter to Optimize Strength and Add To Lightness.
  • Super-Lightweight "Butterfly" Radial Wheel.
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