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Autopilot Tiller Arm Pricing 2-23

Edson Tiller Arm Machining Pricing Guide, Effective 2/23

For bore securement methods that are outside of our standard sizes and orientations, tiller arms will incur additional charges as seen below along with the pricing for each arm we offer.

Base pricing:

10” Bronze Arm (926-10-610-MKII): $611

10” Aluminum Arm (926AL-10-610MK2): $667

15” Bronze Arm (926-15-610): $724

15” Aluminum Arm (926AL-15-610): $792

Securement Methods:

Standard Keyways: 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, ½” and 5/8” - no additional charge

Keyways outside of the above will incur an additional fee of $120.

Special Keyway Location other than fore/aft (keyway location is referred to in degrees from the standard location in line with the arm): $113.

Through Bolt: No additional charge.

Set Screw: Additional charge of $120.

Square Rudder Post Bores:

Points fore and aft: $375

Flats fore and aft: $375

Angled points: $524