Product Tech Support - Manuals, Guides, and Maintenance Sheets


 Planning / Installation Guides and Worksheets

EB361 Edson CDi Geared Steering System Installation Worksheeet download-pdf-sm.png
EB373 Autopilot Tiller Arm Installation Worksheet download-pdf-sm.png
EB3381 Edson Chain & Wire Rope Steering System Planning, Installation and Maintenance Guide download-pdf-sm.png
EB417 Edson CDi Geared Steering System Installation Guide & Manual download-pdf-sm.png
EB446 Pedestal/Idler Footprint Comparison download-pdf-sm.png


Installation Instructions

EB317 NavCom Fiberglass Tube Installation download-pdf-sm.png
EB325 Stainless Outboard motor Mount download-pdf-sm.png
EB349 Pedestal Guard Feet Mounting Template download-pdf-sm.png
EB355 Side Mount Wheel Brake installation & Maintenance (#369) download-pdf-sm.png
EB380 Quadrant, Radial Drive Wheel and Tiller Arm Installation download-pdf-sm.png
EB395 #910 Morse Side Mount Single Lever Engine Control Instructions download-pdf-sm.png
EB396 Engine Control Instructions (#870, #816, #751) download-pdf-sm.png
EB411 Table Installation to Pedestal Guard download-pdf-sm.png
EB414 PowerKnob Installation Instructions download-pdf-sm.png
EB417 CDi Steering System Installation Guide & Parts List download-pdf-sm.png
EB419 CDi Steering System Installation Checklist download-pdf-sm.png
EB425 Vision Series Instrument Housing Installation (#2030-10x10) download-pdf-sm.png
EB427 Instrument Housing Ball Mount Installation download-pdf-sm.png
EB437 Edson Power Boat NavCom Tower Mounting Instructions download-pdf-sm.png
EB441 Mast Mount Radar Mounting Instructions download-pdf-sm.png 
EB442 Vision II Pedestal (#476) Wheel Pilot Kit Installation Instructions download-pdf-sm.png
Vision II (#476) Pedestal Mounting Template download-pdf-sm.png
Leather Wheel Rim Cover Installation Instructions (#733) (Video)  


Maintenance Guides and Owner's Manuals

EB424 Classic Pedestal Wheel Shaft Parts and Maintenance Guide
EB372 Chain & Wire Rope Steering Inspection Checklist  download-pdf-sm.png
EB381 Chain & Wire System Planning, Installation & Maintenance Guide download-pdf-sm.png
EB385 CDi Geared Steering System Maintenance Guide download-pdf-sm.png
EB398 Old Style CDi Brake Repair Instructions (Dampener Collar) download-pdf-sm.png
EB405 CDi Geared Steering System Installation Guide - Owner's Manual download-pdf-sm.png
EB500 Model 476 Vision II Pedestal (Exploded View) download-pdf-sm.png