Single Lever Engine Controls


Single Lever Engine Controls

Edson’s Side-Mount Single-Lever Engine Control provides simple, safe, one-handed operation while maneuvering your boat under power. Mounted on the Pedestal with the choice of three different 1-1⁄8” diameter Stainless Pedestal Guard Pipes and a stainless Top Plate, it takes up virtually no additional cockpit space and incorporates positioning holes for quick mounting of any of Edson’s Teak or Poly Cockpit Tables.

Features of the Control:
• Single-Lever operation of both the clutch and throttle.
• Comes complete with Morse SL3 Engine Control Mechanism.
• Neutral Lockout—throttle can be operated without engaging transmission.
• Positive detents for transmission.
• Constructed of the highest quality non-magnetic marine-grade materials.
• Cast Aluminum Housing with Glossy White Baked-on urethane finish—matches Edson Pedestals.
• Highly polished investment-cast 316 Stainless Handle.
• Type 316 Stainless Top Plate, Guard Pipes and Guard Feet Included.
• Mounts to the Edson Pedestal with choice of Three Different Pedestal Guard Pipes.
• Sized to fit 6-7/8” or 8” Edson Pedestal Bowls.
• Fits all Edson Pedestals Classic Style Pedestals with Thru-Shaft Brakes.
• Gasketed Housing—keeps moisture away from mechanism and cables


PLEASE NOTE: Guard mounted Single lever side mount engine controls cannot be used if there is a side-mounted brake on the pedestal. We assume that the control will be fitted to a standard height pedestal (28" deck to wheel shaft height). If your pedestal is a different height please contact Edson customer service before ordering.

IMPORTANT PEDESTAL INFORMATION: Edson makes two sizes of Classic Pedestals: a 300 Series with 6-7/8” diameter top (often refered to as size 45, since they will hold a compass with a 4” or 5” card), and a 400 Series with 8” diameter top (often refered to as size 6, since they will hold a compass with a 6” card). When ordering pedestal accessories, look for size 45 for 6-7/8” 300 Series Pedestals and size 6 for 400 Series 8” Pedestals.