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How-To use an Edson Pumpout Station

Jacob Edson invented the diaphragm pump for the schooner fishing fleet out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, in 1859. Today, Edson still carries on the tradition with our Pumpout Systems! Whether you have a small day boat or a large vessel, a boat's black water holding tank will eventually need to be pumped out. This video will show you the proper steps when using an Edson Pumpout System.

Edson Emergency Bilge Pump Test (30 Gallons)

If your boat is taking on water, you want to have the best pump onboard to keep you afloat! Edson's 30 Gallons Per Minute Manual Diaphragm Bilge Pump is the pump for the job! In the event of a boating emergency, this pump will deliver one gallon per stroke output. This video tests the pumps capacity by emptying a 30 gallon barrel.

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Don Street on the Edson Pump

At the 2014 U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, legendary delivery skipper and sailing author, Don Street demonstrates the iconic Edson Pump and relates its history. Besides the classic version, a new version is available to replace your low capacity cockpit pump.

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Bilge Pump Demo - 2016 Safty At Sea Seminar

If you have ever wanted to go bluewater sailing, you will need to take the Safty At Sea Seminar to ensure you have the proper knowledge to be safe out on the water! Edson's Will Keene shares tips on what to look for in a bilge pump at the Annapolis Safety at Sea Seminar.

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