Sailboat Steering Videos

OVERVIEW - Sailboat Chain & Wire Steering System [Maintenance & Replacement Schedule]
Sailboat Chain & Wire Steering Systems do not last forever. You turn the wheel, the boat turns, and life is good. What connects the wheel to the rudder is out of sight and out of mind. In this video, we go over the 4 major components or assemblies that make up your sailboat chain and wire steering system. Reviewing all of the maintenance and replacement needed for an Edson Chain & Wire Steering System. 
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OVERVIEW - Sailboat Idler Assembly | Inspection & Maintenance

Your Sailboats Idler Assembly is more than just a pulley. This is one of the most critical components in your Chain & Wire steering system and should be inspected once a year and before any significant passages. In this video, we review all of the parts you should check within your Idler Assembly, from the backing plate that secures your pedestal to the deck to the sheave pins that everything is riding on. Below are some helpful links and the tools we suggest you use to make inspecting your Sailboats Idler Assembly easier.

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Sailboat Steering Sheave Maintenance
Steering sheave maintenance is critical for a safe and smooth feeling steering system. This video explains how to inspect and lubricate Edson sheaves.
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Binnacle Compass Removal
This video outlines how to remove a binnacle style compass from your classic style Edson Pedestal. Removingthe compass allows access to service your engine controls and internal pedestal steering components.
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Side Mount Brake Removal/Replacement
This video covers the rebuild of side-mount wheel brakes. This brake style is found on pre-2003 Edsonsteerers and pedestals.

Sailboat Engine Control Removal From Pedestal
This video covers how to remove your pedestal-mount classic style engine controls. This includes model #870,#816, and #751.

Replacing Chain and Wire Steering Cables
This video describes the process for replacing the chain and wire in your Edson steering system.

Replacing Chain and Wire Steering Cables
This video covers the assembly and installation of tensioning hardware for chain & wire rope steering systems.Details are also provided on how to increase tension in the system.

Edson's Chain Care+ for Sailboat Chain and Wire Steering Systems
Edson’s Chain Care+ is designed to make yearly maintenance easier. No more mess from traditional 30Wmotor oil! The 360 degree nozzle and additional extended nozzle deliver a range of application options thatallow for full chain and wire coverage. Chain Care+ delivers an unrivaled smooth feel and the best in corrosionand wear protection. Chain Care+ is a fully synthetic hydrocarbon oil that provides superior corrosionprotection by combining a high-penetration ability with high viscosity, while naturally repelling water.Following evaporation of the solvent, it forms an even, thin and water-insoluble film. This long-termlubrication excels under high loads, is thermally stable, and works actively to mitigate contamination.