Radial Drive Wheels


Radial Drive Wheels

Edson's Radial Drive Wheels are ideal for boats up to 55’ (17m) with vertical rudderposts where cables can be led directly from the pedestal idler to the drive wheel. There are three hub sizes to fit rudderposts from 1” (25mm) to 7” (178mm). Works well for boats with limited space beneath the cockpit floor and has an easy installation with a split design that clamps around the rudderpost. With this system you will reduces sheave and steering friction. 

All Radial Drive Wheels are constructed with Heat Treated Anodized Aluminum and is Custom Bored to your exact specification. Each system must be secured with a Key, Through Bolt or Set Screws. Rudderstop are included on single groove radials and Larger Custom sizes or rectangular bores are available upon request.


To order a Radial Drive Wheel, fill out EB373-Quadrant and Radial Worksheet, and email the worksheet to We will review your worksheet and contact you to finalize your order.

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