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Wire Rope Sheaves & Assemblies


Wire Rope Sheaves & Assemblies

Edson’s Sheaves and Sheave Assemblies are available in Bronze or lightweight Black Anodized Aluminum (see charts for sizes), and are specially designed for use in wire rope steering systems for sailboats.

The Aluminum Sheaves are ideal for the performance boat that requires sensitive, lightweight steering.The 4” sheaves run on oil impregnated bronze bearings, while 6” sheaves use bronze or stainless needle bearings.The larger (8”, 10”, and 12”) sizes in Bronze or Aluminum run on stainless needle bearings and liners for super sensitive action. 

Sheave hubs are wider than the rims to prevent side friction and noise.  Sheave pins are stainless and easily removable for ease of installation or maintenance and sheave housings are designed with pin arrestor systems to minimize sheave pin wear.