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CD-i Geared Systems


CD-i Geared Systems

Edson’s classic Rack and Pinion system utilizes a simple, direct linkage from tiller to wheel.  All CDi Geared Steerers feature exceptional feel, easy installation and a wide range of mounting options.

  • For boats up to 50’ (15.25m). 
  • Classic and Vision Series™ pedestal designs available.
  • Large variety of Wheels and Accessories.
  • Highest quality marine-grade Stainless, Bronze and Aluminum components.
  • Tiller-to-wheel conversion kits available.
  • 360º Circular Rack Gear – 3 Times the Life Span of  Conventional Rack Gears.
  • 1.8 Wheel Turns Hard-Over to Hard-Over through 72º of rudder travel.
  • Gleason Coniflex Gears for Ultra-High Strength.
  • Gear teeth easily accessible for lubrication and inspection.
  • Large 3¼”/83 mm Torque Tube for Superior Strength, Stiffness.
  • Turnbuckle-Style Drag Link for Easy Adjustment.
  • Large 3½“/89 mm Diameter Stainless Bearings for Long Life.
  • CE Compliant.
  • Low Maintenance.