Pull-Pull Conduit Steering


Pull-Pull Conduit Steering

Edson Pull-Pull Conduit Systems are designed to provide the ability to run steering cables around spaces or structures that otherwise might be difficult or impossible with straight wire runs from sheave to sheave.  Pull-Pull System components have been engineered to allow you to use stock parts that will result in a strong, reliable and sensitive steering system.  However, you must carefully follow the guidelines at the right to insure a system that is free of friction. Boats over 60 feet (18 meters) should use the larger size 312 Conduit and Fittings.

Pull-Pull Steering System Design Guidelines:

• Conduit should have no 90º bends—however gentle—on boats over 30’, as it will make the steering stiff.

• Use Edson Conduit Idlers whenever possible when conduit needs to make a turn. 

• Conduit should be utilized only to make slight elevation changes and gentle bends.

• Conduit Greasers should be used on all runs over 6’ (2 m). 

• Lubricate monthly with Teflon™ based lubricant only.