Spline Weights


Spline Weights

Edson is pleased to present Bronze Spline Weights for use by yacht designers, boatbuilders, and design students. These classic design tools are used in conjunction with long, flexible battens or ‘splines’ to draw fair curves while drawing a boat’s lines and during the lofting process. 

The past is present. This yacht design tool of a bygone era is a proven invaluable tool for design students in the computer age.  They are also a practical tool for boat builders, as generating full size plans for construction often requires ducks and battens on the lofting floor. They also make a great gift item, paperweight or conversation piece. 

Edson’s version of the timeless tools are cast in our own New England foundry and feature a padded felt bottom and the traditional “duck” or  “whale” design.  They have side indents for easy handling, as well as a slightly raised “tail” for lifting and repositioning.