12-inch ComfortGrip Strips (97002)

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Edson’s iconic ComfortGrip® now comes in 12” adhesive strips! Designed to fit on 1-inch to 4-inch diameter railings, these tactile grips will ergonomically cushion fingers while providing a secure hold. High-performance Santoprene construction and a 3M Adhesive ensures these grips can withstand the harshest conditions!

The 12 inch ComfortGrip™ include three grips to fit just about any application.  By adding a comfortable ergonomic grip with finger grooves to additional rail supports around your boat will not only save your hands but the hands of your guests as well. These grips are great to attach to: Boarding Handles, Hand Rails, Grab Rails, Swim Ladders, Bow Rails, Tiller Steering, T-Tops, Tools, and much more!

  • Edson’s iconic ComfortGrip™️  now in 12” strips!
  • Comfortable ergonomic grips with finger grooves.
  • Made from high-performance Santoprene. 
  • Designed to fit on to 1-inch to 4-inch dia. railings.



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    this should be ICAST’s product of the year!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 8th 2019

    After experiencing and complimenting the grips on a friends new 23T blue water, I was shocked to learn that they were an aftermarket addition. They seemed to look and feel as if they were a factory installation. Their boat was new and I assumed these grips were a new modern design. They seem fused and almost embedded to the t-top tubing. The soft padded gel is easy on the hands in rough seas. There are finger width gripping grooves to help ensure your hands don’t slide no mater how soaked the rails or how rough the seas may be. I’ve since added 3 8” and 3 12” grips to my 255cc sea pro and absolutely love them. I should add that do not worry about slightly curved railing, they will easily conform to curves. In my opinion, order the 12” versus the 8” unless you have a shorter grab rail. My only complaint would be why are these packaged in sets of 3? Maybe so I have to buy 2 sets? :-) Please offer in sets of 2 or 4 imo.