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18-40inch Deluxe Leather Covered Rim Stainless Steel Destroyer Wheel - 3/4-inch Tapered Hub

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Edson's Stainless Destroyer™ Wheels are also available pre-covered with our highest quality dove gray leather rim covers. The orthopedic grade cowhide is thick, supple and will feel warm in cool weather and cool when the sun heats up your wheel. \

Choose the ComfortGrip option to add extra padding on the inside of the rim.

Edson's 1750LE/CG  wheel has a standard 3/4" power boat taper, precision machined to ensure an exact fit to your steering shaft. Edson Destroyer™ Wheels feature an attractive dished shape and tapered hollow spokes. Elegant yet strong, these wheels have a timeless appearance that will look great on any style of boat and with the "D" shaped rim it will be comfortable for your hands.

(Wheel may be shown with optional Wheel Nut which must be ordered separately.)

  • 18" - 40" (457mm-1016mm) Diameter
  • Dove Grey Orthopedic Grade Leather Rim Cover with Optional ComfortGrip
  • Standard 3/4" Power Boat Taper
  • Slightly Dished Shape & Tapered Hollow Spokes
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • "D" Shaped Rim For Comfort