29" Polished Bronze Wheel with Teak Handles with 1-inch Straight Hub


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Edson’s  Polished Bronze Wheel with Teak Handles add distinction to any traditional boat.  The bronze wheel body is delivered highly polished and with regular maintenance will retain its attractive gleam, or it can be left to age gracefully and take on a classic patina appearance. Featuring varnished teak handles that are held securely with stainless carriage bolts, which can be easily replaced if needed and comes standard with a 1” straight shaft bore. 

Edson's #602BR-29 Polished Bronze Wheel with Teak Handles Key Features:

  • 29” (73.7cm) Diameter
  • Made of Solid Bronze
  • Precision-Machined
  • Hand Polished
  • Features Varnished Teak Handles
  • 1"/2.5 cm Straight Hub