3/4" Pull/Pull Conduit by the Foot for 3/16" and 1/4" Wire Rope

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Edson Pull-Pull Conduit Systems are designed to provide the ability to run steering cables around spaces or structures that otherwise might be difficult or impossible with straight wire runs from sheave to sheave.  Pull-Pull System components have been engineered to allow you to use stock parts that will result in a strong, reliable and sensitive steering system.  However, you must carefully follow the guidelines below to ensure the system is friction free. Two lengths are needed in most steering system installations.  The length should be measured from end-to-end including 2 1⁄2”(64mm) for each end fitting.

Edson’s #853-250 3/4-inch (19mm) Pull-Pull Conduit is designed for 3/16" and 1/4" Wire Rope. Sold in one foot increments, the conduit can easily be cut with a hacksaw to the specific length you need.  

 Conduit Steering System Guidelines


  • Conduit should have no 90° bends however gentle they maybe. It will make the steering stiff.
  • Use Edson Conduit Idlers whenever possible when conduit needs to make a turn.
  • Conduit Greasers should be used on all runs over 6'.
  • Lubricate at least once a year with Superlube. DO NOT use petroleum based lubricant with conduit, it will break it down.