418 Bulkhead Steerer - 11 Tooth Sprocket - Tapered Shaft (Less Brake)

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Edson's 418 Bulkhead Steerer is lightweight, versatile and rugged. For use on performance and cruising boats alike. Edson’s Bulkhead Steerers feature Stainless Steel Needle Bearings to reduce friction, all stainless construction and the ability to mount a Wheel Flange Adapter.

Edson's 418 Bulkhead Steerer #419-2-11T Key Features: 

  • Perfect for Custom Installations Such as Bridge-Decks and Dual Steering Stations.
  • Additional Shaft Space Available for Chain Driven Autopilots.
  • Easily Installed.
  • Non-Magnetic Materials.
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Shaft.
  • Type 316L Stainless Housing, Faceplate and Sprocket.
  • Optional Wheel Flange available.
  • 11 tooth sprocket for size for 5/8" chain links
  • Self-Aligning Forward Shaft Bearing provides ease of installation and alignment in pedestals.
  • Configurations Available for all Edson Wheels.
  • Pre-Installed Threaded Mounting Studs
  • Bulkhead Gasket Included
  • Engrave-able Forward Bearing Faceplate Available.
  • Wheel shaft easily shortened by installer for varying console depth applications.
  • CE Compliant.