Adjustable Crossed-Wire Idler - 6" Sheave

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Edson’s Adjustable Crossed-Wire Idler - for use on boats where the quadrant is aft of the rudder post or on Radial Drive Steering Systems when the pedestal is located forward of the rudder post.  This exclusive Edson design crosses the wire within the pedestal column and the slanted sheaves, correctly aiming the wires at the sprocket for proper alignment of the wire to the sheaves, reducing the risk of chaffing.  The sheaves are fully adjustable between 10°  and 155° aft and lock in place to maintain the desired setting.  They also feature anodized aluminum bases, stainless uprights, anodized aluminum sheaves and sheave guards. Heavy Duty Racing/Cruising version with Solid Bronze base also available for boats with higher rudder loads.