Anti Bird Device

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There's nothing worse than arriving at your boat to find that you hosted this week's bird party. Keep birds from using your spreaders as a hunting and eating perch, and keep guano, half-eaten fish, shells, crabs and who knows what else off your deck. Edson's Anti Bird Device is as simple and effective as it gets - simply adhere a disc to either side of your mast above a spreader, and tie the included Dyneema strings to your shrouds. Birds simply won't sit on your shrouds with the Anti Bird Device in place.

Why hassle with ineffective inflatable monsters, finicky plastic spikes, or other products and techniques that need setup, get in the way, don't last, and just don't work? Edson's Anti Bird Device lasts many seasons, is unobtrusive, doesn't cause windage and won't rip your spinnakers.

Also effective on center consoles, cruisers, and other boats. Simply adhere the plastic disc in place and lead the string across whatever surface you want to discourage birds from.