Autopilot Tiller Arms

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Each Autopilot Tiller Arm is custom machined for a tight fit to your rudder-post.  Please email our Customer Support or give us a call at (508) 995-9711 to order. Prior to ordering, please complete the tiller arm worksheet, which requires detailed information on the attachment method and a rudder-post measurement to an accuracy of 0.001. The worksheet and information on Bronze and Aluminum Autopilot Tiller Arms can be found below. Please read through EB380, our installation worksheet for details on each securement method. 


To order a Tiller Arm, fill out EB373-Tiller Arm Data Sheet, and email the worksheet to [email protected]. We will review your worksheet and contact you to finalize your order.



IMPORTANT Edson highly recommends installing an autopilot independent of the primary steering system. This provides for a redundant/backup system in the event of steering gear or cable failure—in effect an “Electronic Emergency Tiller”. Edson’s Autopilot Tiller Arm allows the autopilot to be mounted independently of the primary steering system and should be used to attach an autopilot to the rudder-post.


Download our Tiller Arm Installation Work Sheet click here -  download-pdf-sm.png 

For Tiller Arm Pricing click here



Edson's Bronze Tiller Arms are used for cruising boats and boats with stainless or bronze rudder-posts.

  • Specifically designed for use with linear drive autopilot systems. 
  • Keeps Autopilot independent of Steering System. 
  • Makes Autopilot an “Electronic Emergency Tiller” 
  • Available in 10” (254 mm) and 15” (381 mm) lengths for use with most of the autopilots on the market today. 
  • 1” (25 mm) wide slot to accept ball end fitted with 1⁄2 ” or 12 mm diameter pins. 
  • Accommodates rudderposts to 5” (127cm). 
  • Custom pin sizes are available upon request. 
  • Constructed of Manganese Bronze or Anodized Aluminum. 
  • Variable attachment points to allow for proper positioning of the attachment point of the autopilot.



Edson's Aluminum Tiller Arms are used for racing boats or boats with Aluminum or Composite rudder-posts. 

  • Designed for racing boats where weight savings is critical. 
  • Solid Cast Aluminum Construction 
  • Black Anodized for durability 
  • For rudder-posts up to 7” (175mm) in diameter.



Edson's Aluminum Tiller Arms for J-Boats

Because of their unique rudderpost shape, J-Boats require a specially shaped tiller arm. It is designed to clamp onto the fiberglass rudderpost directly above the Radial Drive Wheel. For J-Boats from 35’ to 53’. Wt. 5.8 lbs (2.6 kg). 

Autopilot Tiller Arm for J-37, J-40, J-42, J-44, J-46, J-105, J-120, & J-130 - Order #836AL-J-12 

Autopilot Tiller Arm for J-160 - Order #836AL-J-160

Tiller Arms are available for all J-Boats. Use #926AL if your boat is not listed. Contact Edson for more information if yours is not shown.

[custom-manuals] download-pdf-sm.png EB395 - Quadrant, Radial Drive Wheel and Tiller Arm Installation - Manual [/custom-manuals]

[custom-data] download-pdf-sm.png EB373 - Tiller Arm Installation Work Sheet [/custom-data]