Deluxe Leather Wheel Rim Cover 42"-60" Dia. (Gray)

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Give your wheel the ultimate feel! Edson’s do-it-yourself Leather Wheel Covering kits look great and make any wheel softer and warmer to the touch. Each kit includes a pre-punched leather cover, double sided sticky tape, thread, needle and complete instructions.

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For Wheels with 7/8" Diameter Rim (2.75" Circumference Rim)

Order #733-42-60-GR Gray Leather Wheel Rim Cover. Designed to cover the rim of wheels 42" to 60" in diameter with a 7/8" Diameter Rim (2.75" Circumference Rim).


For Wheels with 1" Diameter Rim (3.11" Circumference Rim)

Order #733-42-60-GR1 Gray Leather Wheel Rim Cover. Designed to cover the rim of wheels 42" to 60" in diameter with a 1" Diameter Rim (3.11" Circumference Rim).