Dyneema and Chain Kit

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Many boat owners prefer Dyneema line over 7x19 wire since it runs well over sheaves, is unaffected by salt, is much stronger than wire of similar diameter, and is often much easier to install in tight quarters. Instead of cable clamps which can be hard to install, Dyneema steering cables are easily secured to tensioning eyes by a luggage tag hitch (aka "cow hitch"), which allows you to pre-attach the cable to the adjusting eye and then install the adjusting eye in the quadrant or radial.

Kits include:

  • One chain with 2 master links, 2 cable adapters, and 2 shrink wraps
  • Two lengths of Marlow SK-99 Dyneema - one end spliced to chain, one end raw
  • Tensioning eyes

Chain-side ends of the Dyneema are pre-attached to the chain with rope-friendly chain adapters, and shrink wrapped for wear prevention. Tail ends of rope require user splicing to final length - see video below on making this very easy splice.

Cable lengths refer to the maximum cable length possible for that cable length, cables are supplied long to account for splice and hitch.

4mm Dyneema replaces both 3/16" and 1/4" 7x19 wire. Choose chain length, then choose cable length.

When sizing cables to length, tension eyes should have at least 50% of adjustment range left when first installed. Splices and hitches will set with initial use. Expect to adjust tension eyes immediately after first use, and once shortly after. Do not install immediately before using the boat in a situation where the tension eyes will not be able to be adjusted.

Sheave condition and alignment is more ciritical with Dyneema cables than with wire. Make sure alignment is perfect or Dyneema cables will suffer premature wear. Sheave surfaces need to be smooth with no burrs prior to installing Dyneema cables - try polishing wire burn with a Dremel and high cut compound, or replace worn sheaves.

Monitor Dyneema steering cables more often than usual during the first months after installation, and regularly monitor thereafter.

Dyneema is not recommended for use in conduit steering systems.

Alternate splice instruction video from Marlow Ropes -