"Mechanical Shift" Engine Control

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Edson “Mechanical Shift” Clutch and Throttle Control is designed for use with 64 Series (Edson #735) Transmission Cables and 33 Series (Edson #734) Throttle Cables.

Only for Edson Pedestals #334, 335, 336 and 337 with 6-7/8" diameter tops. 

The clutch handle is 10”(254mm) long to provide increased shifting leverage for Atomic 4 and other hard to shift transmissions. The Throttle Handle is polished Stainless and clearly marked for “Fast” and “Slow” speeds. A Throttle Friction Adjustment Screw is a standard feature.


download-pdf-sm.png EB396 - Engine Control Instructions (#870, #816, #751) - Manual