PedPox | Pockets for Classic Style Pedestals

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For safety, security, and cockpit hygiene, sailors want to have their essential tools secured and safely within reach. Whether you are a day sailor, coastal cruiser, or ocean voyager, Pedestal Pockets provides you with additional storage at the helm. This ultimate cockpit accessory will hold your handheld VHF, safety knife, readers, sunscreen, lip balm, and/or cell phones to your Edson classic 4” diameter pedestal!

This simple solution provides a secure set of variably sized pouches attach within seconds to your Edson Pedestal. The pockets are rugged, self-draining, weather-tested, and can be easily removed for safe storage while in port. Take your gear with you for the dinghy ride to shore, store it safely below decks, or leave it hidden under your helm cover.
Pedestal Pockets allow you to say “bon-voyage” to self-tacking cell phones, misplaced safety knives, crushed eyewear, and shredded lips.

Designed by sailors and hand-sewn in Maine to the highest standards for sailors around the world.