Carbon Fiber Wheels


Pro-Series Carbon Fiber Wheels

Edson’s Pro-Series Carbon Fiber yacht wheels are designed to be light weight and have a sleek design to fit on your yacht.  These wheels are fabricated in carbon fibre using one piece monocoque construction — making them super strong and super light. The high gloss clear coat finish over carbon fabric weave yields a hi-tech look that compliments both a Grand Prix racer and a Superyacht.

• Ultra-light weight - under 10 pounds!
• Available from 36” (900mm) to 60” (1525mm)
• Large Diameter 1-5/8” wheel rim.
• Virtually no flywheel effect.
• High Gloss Clear Coat Carbon Fibre Finish
• Ergonomic Forked Tri-Spoke Design
• Monocoque Construction for Strength


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