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Conduit Brackets

Edson’s Drop Conduit Bracket drops the conduit ends 2” (51mm) below the cockpit floor (more if blocked down). This makes it easier to feed wires into the conduit and allows for easier lubrication and maintenance of the conduit system. It is held in place by the pedestal mounting bolts. Aluminum construction. Edson’s Internal Conduit Bracket mounts inside the pedestal column, allowing the conduit to hug the bottom of the cockpit floor. For ease of installation and maintenance, it is held in position by the pedestal mounting bolts. Edson’s Pull-Pull Conduit Bracket with Rudderstop is ideal for terminating the conduits at the quadrant when there are no bulkheads to utilize. It is easily bolted through the cockpit sole and comes with its own rudderstop post. 24” Transom mount version is used with Edson’s Small Boat Steerer or other transom-hung rudder designs.


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