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Edson’s Quadrants are made from cast Manganese Bronze or 356-T6 heat-treated Aluminum. Available in 8” through 36” radius sizes, the Edson Quadrant is effective whether mounted fore or aft of the rudderpost. The quadrants are machined to accept #618 Take-Up Eyes, making installation and adjustment of steering cables easy. All bearing surfaces are machined, a positive fit is assured by the Edson Capped Hub, and the clamping action allows installation without having to remove the rudder.

Edson’s Standard Quadrants 

Cast in Manganese Bronze or weight-saving Aluminum, in 18” and 24” radiuses, these quadrants are substantially proportioned to withstand the most severe steering strains and shocks. The #676 Quadrants are available to fit rudder posts up to 31⁄2”(8.9 cm) in diameter.




Edson’s Extra Large Bore Quadrants

 Designed for boats with larger-diameter rudderposts. Cast in both weight-saving Aluminum and Manganese Bronze with strengthening webs through the center section of the quadrant , these quadrants handle rudderposts from 3.5”(8.9 cm) to 6”(15.2 cm) in diameter. 


Edson’s Offset Quadrants

Ideal for boats needing extra room on the rudderpost for the addition of an autopilot, a second steering station, or where an obstruction exists. In boats with excessively raked rudderposts, Offset Quadrants can be mounted up or down. The capped hub insures a positive fit and the clamping action permits installation without having to lower the rudder.





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