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Product Description

Edson’s Quadrants are made from cast Manganese Bronze or 356-T6 heat-treated Aluminum. Available in 8” through 36” radius sizes, the Edson Quadrant is effective whether mounted fore or aft of the rudderpost. The quadrants are machined to accept #618 Take-Up Eyes, making installation and adjustment of steering cables easy. All bearing surfaces are machined, a positive fit is assured by the Edson Capped Hub, and the clamping action allows installation without having to remove the rudder.

Prior to ordering, Edson requires the measurement on the rudder post to be taken with digital calipers and be down one-thousandth of an inch (three decimal places i.e., Rudder post diameter reading 2.375-inches).

Edson’s Standard Quadrants 

Cast in Manganese Bronze or weight-saving Aluminum, in 18” and 24” radiuses, these quadrants are substantially proportioned to withstand the most severe steering strains and shocks. The #676 Quadrants are available to fit rudder posts up to 31⁄2”(8.9 cm) in diameter.




Edson’s Extra Large Bore Quadrants

 Designed for boats with larger-diameter rudderposts. Cast in both weight-saving Aluminum and Manganese Bronze with strengthening webs through the center section of the quadrant , these quadrants handle rudderposts from 3.5”(8.9 cm) to 6”(15.2 cm) in diameter. 


Edson’s Offset Quadrants

Ideal for boats needing extra room on the rudderpost for the addition of an autopilot, a second steering station, or where an obstruction exists. In boats with excessively raked rudderposts, Offset Quadrants can be mounted up or down. The capped hub insures a positive fit and the clamping action permits installation without having to lower the rudder.





[custom-manuals] download-pdf-sm.png EB380 - Quadrant, Radial Drive Wheel and Tiller Arm Installation - Manual [/custom-manuals]





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