Chain & Wire Kits


Did you know your chain and wire should be replaced every 7-10 years for saltwater boats? This should be done even more frequently for vessels in tropical conditions and those putting on serious mileage.

One length of premium German-manufactured stainless roller chain and two lengths of marine-grade stainless wire are assembled in the sizes and lengths you request. The connections between wire and chain are covered in clear shrink plastic to prevent fouling. The chain end fittings are cotter-pinned for ease of maintenance. All chain and wire kits are available with a can of Edson Chain Care, which provides maximum corrosion resistance and ensures smooth high fidelity steering while avoiding the mess of using 30w motor oil to lube your chain. Also use Chain Care on wire steering cables for added corrosion resistance and lubrication. Do not use Chain Care on Dyneema steering cables.