Teak and Stainless PowerWheel

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At the helm, the world is in your hands. For those looking for the absolute best place to put their hands, Edson is delighted to introduce our new 13" teak and stainless PowerWheel. 

By popular demand, we met the challenge of joining our iconic stainless PowerWheel's center with a 100% teak rim. Layers of natural teak masterfully laminated around a polished stainless steel spider with breathtaking joining and finishing work. It's also built for professional use. Edson's legendary PowerKnob (in your choice of teak or stainless) is mounted directly to a teak rim, giving you the ultimate in helm control. Protected by a crystal-clear catalyzed gloss urethane finish, the wheel's beauty will endure for many seasons to come.

Produced in limited quantities with excruciating skill and care.

Edson's Teak and Stainless PowerWheel meets ABYC's P-22 Certification

3-Pack of 8in ComfortGrip is included with any PowerWheel purchase (retail online orders only).