Needle Bearing Shelf Steerer


Needle Bearing Shelf Steerer

Edson’s Needle Bearing Shelf Steerers are designed to provide precise steering control for larger boats. They are highly desirable due to their dependability, super sensitive “feel” and friction-free performance. Designed to be mounted on a shelf or horizontal flat surface, they are exceptionally strong and easy to install.  

• Designed for sailboats from 33’ to 75’

•Thru-Shaft Brake

•Inverted aluminum “V” frame allows the chain to exit at a wide angle.

•Stainless Roller Bearings & Liners provide exceptional feel and sensitivity.

• Reduces the total number of sheaves required, thus increasing steering sensitivity.

•Can be used in a custom pedestal, bridge deck, powerboat console or bulkhead.

•Accepts any Edson #855 Sprocket.